Stroh Ranch

The Stroh Ranch Community Association is a corporation formed under the laws of the State of Colorado for the purpose of maintaining common areas (as may be owned by the Association), providing a mechanism for the architectural protection and covenant enforcement, and for conducting the related administrative and accounting functions. Please contact PCMS with any questions at 303-224-0004 or via email at

Architectural Standards

Stroh Ranch Architectural Request Form

Palette Binder Virtual – 1

Palette Binder Virtual – 2

Stroh Ranch Preapproved Roof Colors/Instructions

Updated Community-wide Standards-Effective 7/1/14 that will replace the current guidelines:

Stroh Ranch Community-wide Standards-Effective 7.1.14

Board Meeting Minutes

7.13.15 Minutes

5.11.15 Minutes

3.9.15 Minutes

1.12.15 Minutes

2014 Minutes

2012-2013 minutes


10. Stroh Ranch October 2015

9. Stroh Ranch September 2015

8. Stroh Ranch August 2015

7. Stroh Ranch July 2015

6. Stroh Ranch June 2015

5. Stroh Ranch May 2015

4. Stroh Ranch April 2015

3. Stroh Ranch March 2015

2. Stroh Ranch February 2015

1. Stroh Ranch January 2015



Auto Pay Form

Auto Pay Form

Approved Budget

Stroh Ranch 2015 Approved

Stroh Ranch 2016 Approved

Community Map

Stroh Ranch Community Map

Governing Documents

Declaration of Covenants


Articles of Incorporation

SR Collection Policy updated 2014

Parking Amendment and Information

Parking Amendment

SR Parking Variance Request Form– Please complete to include all vehicles for the household and email to

Commercial Vehicle Resolution

Recycling Calendar

2014 Recycle Calendar SR schedule B

2015 Waste-Recycle Guide SR schedule B